It all started when I was 13. I had a huge crush on this girl, so I asked my dad to teach me the guitar, and I wrote her a few songs. When that inevitably ended in heartbreak, I wrote more songs. And after 1,000 or so borderline bipolar songs, I graduated high school.

Just before graduation (2005), I wrote and recorded the songs for Up In Glory and sold a few hundred copies to my classmates. I was officially in the music business!

But after recording a few more albums and touring all over the country, I became pretty disillusioned with the music business and figured it was time to grow up (lies!). I gave up my dreams for the corporate life, only to find my soul slowly rotting away inside of me.

I still recorded albums and played shows here and there, but I had a major identity crisis. Who was I really?

At the end of 2011, I quit the corporate world for good.

I’ve learned I don’t need anyone’s permission to chase my dreams and neither do you! Today, I can proudly declare I AM A SONGWRITER!

Right now

I’m writing, recording, and releasing a new song every Friday. You can listen to my latest song here, and go catch up on all of my other music here.

Say hey by emailing at mike{at}hirstmusic.com.